This is something completely different and just a little bit PAWsome!

How cool would it be to have your pet's adorable face adorning gorgeous handmade items? Each month we will deliver a new box containing a surprise gift with your 4-legged friend on it - maybe a coaster, maybe a mug, maybe something completely different because we want to keep ideas up our sleeves! The boxes build to create a unique collection which will delight you for years to come.   

PAWsome Pet Photo Subscription Box - Afewhometruths

PAWsome Cat Photo Subscription Box

Because pet owners deserve a treat too You pour so much love and effort into providing a loving home for your beloved pet - they truly are like a baby
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Because pet owners deserve a treat too Your cat is such an important part of your family so it's time to celebrate their special place in your heart (and display
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PETure Perfect Dog Illustration Subscription Box

PETure Perfect Dog Illustration Subscription Box

$31.99 - $350.00
Because pet owners deserve a treat too There is nothing quite like the welcome that your dog gives you when you walk through the door - all wags, enthusiasm and
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Spoilt for choice?  If you have more than one favourite photo or more than one pet then you can change the illustration every 3 months.  Just add a message in the Note to Seller box when you subscribe.

When you sign up for we will get in touch with you to send us a photo of your pet. If you are super efficient you can email one to

We need a photo which shows the head and shoulders clearly.

Depending on which option you choose, the talented folks here will either crop and enhance the photo to look its best or create a digital illustration of your pet which will form the basis of the personalization on the items in the PETure Perfect boxes.

There are 2 packages to choose from:
Pawsome Pet Photo Subscription Box - This box features a treasured photo of your pet. 
Peture Perfect Illustration Subscription Box - This box includes a hand drawn digital illustration of your pet created from a photo you provide. 

We just love animals with attitude and Sherman has it in plentiful supply!

This is such a gorgeous photo to work from because we can see by that lovely tongue that this doggo has just had the BEST time in the woods.

More than one pooch?  No problem!  Remember we can change your illustration or photo every 3 months. 

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Showcase of some of our past boxes


  • I received my first box from PETure Perfect, and I couldn't be happier! My Tiger Marie now graces a lovely wooden coaster with room for a drink and a snack. The sketch is a purrfect likeness of my dear girl, and the quality of the coaster material is excellent. 
  • I don't have any ideas for you because I am so in love with the product!!! :) 
  • It is one of the big highlights of each month to receive my "surprise" item adorned with one of my K9 companions! Wonderful and personal customer service....a pleasure to do business with! Thank you for providing such a unique and personal service! All paws up for PETure Perfect!

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