Personalised Boxer Gift Mug

  • $18.00

A gorgeous mug featuring your adorable Boxer dog. Enjoy a well deserved coffee or tea after a long walk with your favourite Boxer.  It may take some time if water or mud was involved!

The Boxer was carefully bred to be a superb hunting dog – the original brindle colouring allowed the canine to blend into surroundings, acting as a sort of camouflage among tall grasses and trees.

The charming illustration of the Boxer can be personalised to suit the colour of your dog. You can also include a message above your dog.
If the colouring for your dog is not shown, please let us now in the "Special Requests" box and we will be able to help.

O T H E R   B R E E D S    A V A I L A B L E

We have most of the popular breeds in various colours and are adding to these daily.  If we don't have what you want, message us!
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made from:

Durham Style 10 oz Porcelain Mug Handwashing is recommended

Height: 91mm Outside Diameter: 80mm

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